Our goal is to help you find financial freedom and security. Your happiness is our first priority.

Is your financial future going where you want it to go?

Are you buying into commonly-accepted financial myths that give you all the risk and give the government all the reward?

Do you feel something is missing in your financial knowledge?

Deep down in your gut, do you know there are hidden fees and practices that are killing your investments?

Matson Financial helps individual investors:

  • Gain a better understanding of how money and investments really work
  • Better understand tax implications now and in the future
  • Learn how to save money that they are unknowingly giving to others
  • Sleep at night and not stress over money

Our Services

  • Income Planning
  • Risk Management:
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

• The Accumulation phase includes investment planning and allocation analysis.
• The Distribution phase includes income planning and social security review.
• Legacy planning includes family, charity and friends.